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Archive Press 2008

Frankfurt Geht Aus 2008Frankfurt Geht Aus 2008
Vietnam & Korea
Rank 7

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© Journal Frankfurt, Frankfurt Geht Aus 2008

Translation: “Vietnamese cuisine is known as lightest, freshest and healthiest worldwide and especially for its spring rolls and varying noodle soups.” We are curious and are delighted to snatch seats on the terrace with its inviting bamboo. Welcome to Asia!

Modern wood furniture and Asian details inside appear very aesthetic; in the background we hear light jazz music. We are thrilled by three especially large calligraphies which would perfectly fit into our living room. Too bad, they’re not available in the menu - we would buy them right away.

Instead the menu contains various Vietnamese gastronomic specialties, but their names are nearly inexpressible for “long noses” like us: starters, meat- and fish dishes with rice, the favored rice noodle soups, and sweet treats. All drinks, e.g. Saigon Beer, pils, juices, spritzer, and green tea are at low cost.

Our choice emerges as dead right: we start with spring rolls and Wan Tan. The opulent dishes are prepared with love; each Wan Tan is wrapped with chives. They are served swiftly, freshly fried and simply delicious with their aromatic vegetable- and meat filling. The main courses are luscious as well and served shortly afterwards. The salmon sweet-sour is well done and smooth, but vegetables and sauce are a bit too sour and hardly have any sweet aroma. In return we enjoy delicate beef with pineapple and various vegetables, freshly “woked” and spiced hearty, as well as a noodle soup with prawns and curry, harmonic balanced sauce, vegetables and herbs. With backed bananas in honey with almonds and fully satisfied we complete our delectable culinary journey to Vietnam.

Binh Minh is a beautiful culinary jewel with friendly service, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and good prices. Binh Minh … with pleasure again! Hint: business lunch from 6 - 7 Euros.


Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2008Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2008




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This Vietnamese restaurant is top-class since years. The starters, delicate chicken sate with luscious peanut sauce and summer roll with shrimps and fresh mint are not only arranged aesthetically but also convincing in taste.

Our main courses are of the same quality and very tasty: rice noodles with grilled pork meat and fresh herbs are sheer poetry, the beef with pineapple and garlic is very tender and flavorsome – but almost completely miss the announced pineapple. This small disappointment is compensated by the delicious side dish of vegetables. Noteworthy: the charming service!

© Prinz Top Guide, Frankfurt 2008


New in the City 2008New In The City 2008 - Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

Very stylish Vietnamese restaurant in Ostend: black painted wooden tables stand in neat rows, the patrons sit on wood benches with white cushions. Even though the decor is so minimalistic this doesn’t apply to the food. The large servings taste fantastic.
© New in the City, Frankfurt & Rhein-Main 2008


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