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Archive Press 2009

Gastro Award 2009

Gastro Award 2009

Binh Minh is regional winner Hesse in the category Asian Cuisine.
We would like to thank all, who have made this possible!




Binh Minh

by Frank Wolff (Cello-visionary)

Delicately dawn glows,
as from far away,
colors the old year,
with a glare of the new.
I breathe deeply he cold air.
Time stands still for a second --



Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2009Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2009

Prinz winner in the category Vietnamese Restaurants




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A pearl hidden in a scarcely beautiful apartment building: black wooden tables, red walls and fresh sunflowers instead of Asia-kitsch. The service is charming and in a good temper, the Vietnamese cuisine is fantastic, authentic and excellent. Hence it is hard to get hold of a table without reservation on a Saturday evening. We are lucky and are shortly after pampered with amazing starters. The papaya salad (5 Euros) with beef is served with a hot and sour lime sauce, and we are thrilled by the vegetarian summer rolls (4,50 Euros) as well. Next we spoon a sweet-sour soup with fresh okras, tomatoes, pineapple and tofu (3,50 Euros) – tastes great. As main dish we share a sea bream and - again - are totally fascinated: the baked fish is very fresh and its skin is nice and crisp, the vegetables with it are crisp as well and served in a taste-intensive but decent sweet sauce and rice.

© Prinz Top Guide, Frankfurt 2009



Frankfurt Geht Aus 2009Frankfurt Geht Aus 2009

Vietnam & Korea
Rank 10

Read the original German article here...

© Journal Frankfurt, Frankfurt Geht Aus 2009


Translation: With clear lines and equipped with straight furniture Binh Minh convinces with friendly service and quick and delicious cuisine.

We start with a Binh Minh Salad (5,50 €), with seafood and rice noodles nicely stacked on a  banana leaf. The dressing is fruity and hot and tickles previously unknown areas of our sense of taste. Likewise the numerous soups are worth trying: „Canh chua tôm nuoc dua“ (4,50 €) activates the palatine with a mixture of mild and creamy coconut milk and hot pepper, the steamed prawns are soft and enjoyable. Many of these soups are also offered as full meals.

The following lacquered duck (14,50 €) lives up to its name: slowly cooked in the oven and unremittingly brushed with gravy it receives its typical shiny coating. The steamed and crisp vegetables is spiced with ginger, lime and coriander. An absolute "must try" are the prawn in tamarind sauce right out of the pan (15,50 €): a sourish taste which reminds a little of lemon juice and raisin gives this meal a typical note. The prawns are too cooked perfectly and portioned opulently.

The fillet of beef tossed in the wok with lemon grass and coconut milk (9 €) is nothing less than tender meat in a delicate sauce. Here also the composition of sourish and mild lemon grass with creamy and fruity coconut milk and Asian spices is very tasty

As dessert Binh Minh offers fresh fruit (13 € for two persons) served with mango, pineapple lychee and papaya amongst others. A highlight at the table is the pineapple flambé with ice cream (5 €): baked pineapple slices are trickled with Vietnamese liquor and sugar and get their sweet, caramelized taste.



MarcellinosMarcellino's Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2009

A culinary discovery amidst Frankfurt's east end. The small restaurant spares the illustrious visitors of Asia kitsch. Modern, puristic. Long rows of tables, decorated with an orchid. Eye-catcher: the glaring red rice paper lamps with Asian calligraphies. An optical enjoyment! The menu surprises with unusual: venison cubes on a bed of herbs (5,00 Euros) or lacquered duck on vegetables (14,50 Euros) which tickles the palatine with typical Vietnamese touch of herbs and mild piquancy. Bananas in caramel sauce for dessert (4,50 Euros). The quick service advises well and the small wine assortment (6,00 Euros for red, 6,00 Euros for white, 10,00 Euros for open) fits excellent.


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© Marcellino's, Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2009



Chrismas Greetings from Fritz Hartschuh

Fritz Hartschuh

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