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Archive Press 2010

Frankfurter Küchen ZweiFrankfurter Küchen zwei ("Frankfurt Cuisines two")

Recipes from ten favorite restaurants. A cook- and reading book

A review by Frankfurter Rundschau Dec-17th-2009:
Eating is always good. Satisfies, comforts, heals, inspires, calms down. Eating in favorite restaurants and at home. Nina Schellhase and Christian Sälzer have now finally published the book "Frankfurter Küchen Zwei" for both opportunities and which is now selling. The idea is the same as in the first edition. Ten favorite restaurants are presented with their owners/cooks including history - how the became who they are - and recipes from the corresponding cuisines.

Already the photos by Michael Hudler are true eye candy. For instance the portrait of the Vietnamese chef Huong Nguyen from "Binh Minh" in Ostendstrasse. With tied around apron and headscarf  she appears so trustworthy that you call to her: Have a seat, lean back, restore me. With a hot rice noodle soup of instance. The book is pure delight, an appetizer - and very beautiful. The book responds to the reader, respective viewer (via pictures), respective student (when trying the recipes), as if good friends report about their favorite restaurant.

A concept, so true and delicious and as well filled as perfectly formed Bánh Cam, sesame balls,  which mean translated "cakes like oranges" - and which make happy. Thank you an bon appetite. (ave)

Nina Schellhase, Christian Sälzer
Frankfurter Küchen Zwei
Zazie Verlag, Frankfurt 2009
ISBN: 978-3-00-029855-4
Preis: 24,80 Euro

Available in Frankfurt's book stores and of course in Binh Minh.



Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2010Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2010

Prinz winner in the category Vietnamese Restaurants




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In Binh Minh we feel ascending wanderlust: the red an white walls are packed with beautiful photos from Vietnam, we smell spicy Asian herbs, the atmosphere is relaxed as usual in far east. Immediately we are attracted by the large selection of soups - from rich "Phò" from northern Vietnam to "Rach Giá", a fisher's soup preferred in the south, one can spoon himself through the country. Our soups with spinach beet leaves, pork hash Wantan and plenty of fresh herbs (3,50 Euro) is mild and harmonizes excellent with its spicy meat. Furthermore the waiter recommended and served a hand-warm, medium hot salad with seafood, glass noodles and vegetables (6 Euro). The seafood didn't miss out, the herb nicely balanced, decent spiciness.

Then we try the wok-cooked beef with curry coconut milk (11,50 Euro). It has a decent sweet note and is enjoyable hot at the same time. Also our rice noodle bowl with delicate, piquant chicken meat and coriander leaves is convincing. That the main dishes were as we just finished the starters was acceptable since the service compensated this lapse with even more cordiality. See the article here...

© Prinz Top Guide, Frankfurt 2010



Living at HomeLiving at insider tip: Restaurants

Binh Minh, Frankfurt: Delicious Vietnamese cuisine in red-and-white interior are offered by the "Binh Minh" in Frankfurt's East End - and was awarded with the Gastro Award for best regional "Asian Cuisine". Who may can order rice noodle, soy sprouts, cucumber, salad, fresh herbs and fish sauce and roll his own summer rolls; the variety of meals is large and authentic.
See more here (German)...


MarcellinosMarcellino's Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2010

Hidden in a "disdainful residential neighborhood". A "culinary highlight of the quarter". Visitors sit "in small table rows" on benches. The interior is not "quite as fresh as the morning dew" but "enjoyable trash-free". "Diversified menu." The meals are "harmonically seasoned". Especially vegetarians are "happy" due to creative cooking: steamed rice-dough crêpe with pork and morels (4,50), then fried tofu with coconut milk and lemon grass (8,50) and finally a green tea icecream (3). 14 "neatly" wines, 10 of the opened. 30 cocktails. The service is "friendly" but "some have problems with the language".


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© Marcellino's, Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2010

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