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Archive Press 2011

Gastro Award 2009

Gastro Award 2011

Binh Minh is regional winner Hesse in the category "Classic".
We would like to thank all, who supported us!





Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2011

Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2011

Prinz winner in the category Vietnamese Restaurants




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In history Chinese, Indians and French have left their mark on Vietnam - which can be tasted until today. Those who cannot just spontaneously travel to Hanoi to enjoy the country's diversified cuisine should pay the Binh Minh Restaurant a visit. The meals are seasoned subtly and prepare with fresh ingredients. The generously use herbs and vegetables are as tasty as if they were gathered right from the own garden! A "Saigon Breakfast" (4 Euro) may not suit a western tongue in the morning but as an evening starter the rice-noodle soup with shrimps, pork meat and soy sprouts is a very well appetizer. Hot and spicy we continue with a wok-stirred duck (crispy on the outside and tender on the inside) in coconut milk (12 Euro). Vegetables and litchi fruits are a fresh and sweet counterpoint to the spicy sauce. The mildly roasted lamb meat with it's decent taste is served in a hearty creamy curry dip with peanuts (15,50 Euro). If you like you can have your starters and main dishes served at the same time - as usual in Vietnam. Cocktail-Tip: the excellently mixed Mai Tai (7 Euro) is an absolute „must drink“.  See the original German article here...

© Prinz Top Guide, Frankfurt 2011



Reise Know-How City Trip Frankfurt 2011Reise Know-How City Trip Frankfurt 2011

To make it short: Frankfurt's best Vietnamese restaurant! It is said that even  Ho Chi Minh would get homesick because the far east delicacies are smashingly authentic.


© Reise Know-How 2011, Daniel Krasa




Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2011Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2011

Binh Minh mean translated "sunrise". The quality in the correspondent restaurant actually lets the sun rise for fans of Asian dishes. Since summer 2008 in completely renovated and untypical ambience Vietnamese cuisine is offered. Instead of well-known far east interior traditions orange lamps and dark wood provides comfy atmosphere. Binh Minh therewith ranks among the best Thai restaurants in the city.


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© Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2011



MarcellinosMarcellino's Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2011

"Authentic cusine" and a "relaxed team". "Modern" and yet "comfortable interior": Seating benches, large colorful photos from Hanoi and purple orchids on the tables. Asians, east-enders, old and young people are pampered by "exotic flavors" and the "mindful" team: Saigon breakfast: rice noodle soup with prawns, pork meat and soy sprouts (4). "Great, vegetarians don't live a shadowy existence", but can enjoy wok stirred tofu with coconut milk and lemon grass (,8,50). "Decent" wines (16 bottled, 10 open) and a "nicely protected terrace". as farewell a green tee ice cream (3).


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© Marcellino's, Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2011




Trip Advisor (Auswahl)

Rank 128 of 1790 restaurants in Frankfurt
Average rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1


“Nice Vietnamese restaurant in Frankfurt - Ostend” (25.06.2011)

A large selection of Vietnamese dishes: soups, summer & spring rolls, salads, etc.
Very tasty food and good prices (€5 starters; €10-15 for main). Located on a quiet street with a terrace.

Rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1

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