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Archive Press 2012

Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2012Prinz Top Guide Frankfurt 2012




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Binh Minh thrilles Frankfurt now for years with its Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant in Frankfurt's East End shines with minimalist modern decor, attentive service and excellent authentic cuisine. The Binh Minh salad (6 euros) with seafood, noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs is a pleasantly spicy culinary introduction to the evening. Also hot and spicy  is the "special" chicken salad with fresh vegetables and roasted rice (4.50 euros). The whole spectrum of his mastery shows the Binh Minh team on the main courses, for example in the tender-crispy duck in a chili sauce (11.50 euros) or the spicy wok beef in lemongrass and coconut milk (9.50 euros) .

© Prinz Top Guide, Frankfurt 2012



Wo die Nacht den Doppelkorn Umarmt, Frankfurt 2011/12"Wo die Nacht den Doppelkorn Umarmt", Frankfurt 2011/12

The pioneer of Vietnamese cuisine relies entirely on traditional country kitchen with high quality food at reasonable prices and is far away from other averarge Asia restaurants. Despite an impressive selection of dishes only a small part can be offered of what constitutes the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. Each region of the country knows its own food culture. We recommend the " Saigon Breakfast" a clear soup with shrimp and pork, Rach Gia, a lightweight fisherman's soup with seafood. The kitchen chef Huong Nguyen gladly offers a hot rice noodle soup from her soup paradise. My friend tried one with crab meat and was just blown away! As main dishes "Tom rang toi", roasted king prawns with fine vegetables and garlic. Chicken, or lamb fried with chillies. Caution - hot! There are tofu dishes offered for vegetarians. The crowning touch is a fine cocktail. Lunches start at 6 euros. It was nice sitting in the small summer garden. The ambiance is modern and timeless, with large plain wall surfaces. The concept of the house is a concentration on the essentials.

© Wo die Nacht den Doppelkorn umarmt, Verlag August Hau, Frankfurt 2011



Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2012Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2012

Binh Minh mean translated "sunrise". The quality in the correspondent restaurant actually lets the sun rise for fans of Asian dishes. Since summer 2008 in completely renovated and untypical ambience Vietnamese cuisine is offered. Instead of well-known far east interior traditions orange lamps and dark wood provides comfy atmosphere. Tofu is served exclusively in organic quality. One of the best Asian restaurants in the city.


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© Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2012



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Marcellino's Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2012

"Fresh and funky" - applies to kitchen, crew and interior. Protected bamboo terrace. Bright red walls and dark black table rows. Here and there orchids. Asian calligraphy. Pictures of Hanoi. The multi-cultural audience likes it this way. "Pleasant delivery service." "Quick on the spot." "Refreshing", the papaya salad with beef, basil and lime dressing (5). "Of excellent quality" which wok-stirred shrimps in pepper sauce (14.50) - "Caution: hot!" Furthermore "respectable wines" (16 bottle, 11 of which open) for "small money". "Inexpensive lunch." As dessert baked pineapple with honey and almond slivers (3.50).


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© Marcellino's, Restaurant Report Frankfurt 2012




Trip Advisor (Auswahl)

Rank: 128 of 1790 restaurants in Frankfurt
Average rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1


“Beautiful Food” (2012-10-19)

A lovely restaurant with a nice atmosphere and amazing food. The menu has an overwhelming number of choices, but everyone at table loved what they had so maybe it's all good. There's half a dozen vegetarian options for mains. My tofu and eggplant curry was excellent.

Rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1

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