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We sit hidden behind a bamboo hedge on the small terrace, as the face of my company turns into the color of the Vietnamese flag (red) for a short time: The curry sauce for the crispy duck (fried well to to the point, prettly filleted, 14 euros) turned out to be a little to hot. Nevertheless we are big fans of Binh Minh due to the best appetizers which we have eaten for a long time - a salad with beef and vegetables for the ridiculous price of 5.50 euro has convinced us. The spicy mint leaves harmonize fantastically with a fruity-spicy sauce with the taste chilli and plum. Grounded roasted rice ensures a crispy touch - to which also the grated peanuts fit perfectly which are scattered over radishes and vegetables. Even the assumingly boring tofu dish (10 euros) inspired us here - including original lemon filling, spicy sauce, crunchy beans and sprouts.

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fff2014Marco Polo, Frankfurt für Frankfurter 2014

Binh Minh mean translated "sunrise". The quality in the correspondent restaurant actually lets the sun rise for fans of Asian dishes. Since summer 2008 in completely renovated and untypical ambience Vietnamese cuisine is offered. Instead of well-known far east interior traditions orange lamps and dark wood provides comfy atmosphere. Tofu is served exclusively in organic quality. One of the best Asian restaurants in the city.


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Reise Know-How City Trip Frankfurt 2011Reise Know-How City Trip Frankfurt 2013

To make it short: Frankfurt's best Vietnamese restaurant! It is said that even  Ho Chi Minh would get homesick because the far east delicacies are smashingly authentic.

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Trip Advisor (selection)

Rank:128 of 1790 restaurants in Frankfurt
Average rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1


“Good” (2013-09-24)

Food: authentic, well-portioned, GOOD!
Price: main dish 9 - 18 EUR, appetizer 4 - 8 EUR, non-alcoholic beverage 3 - 7 EUR, GOOD!
Service: very helpful, polite and friendly, GOOD!
Atmosphere: modern Asian, black red and white mixed walls and furniture, GOOD!
Location: very close to the subway station Ostend, GOOD!
All in all: JUST GOOD.

Rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1

Good food in a very nice setting” (2013-07-27)

This restaurant has both outdoor and indoor settings. Like the vast majority of restaurants in Frankfurt (and the rest of Germany) there is no A/C anywhere, but even with a 90 degrees F heat outside at the time we dined, it wasn't too bad thanks to ceiling fans! The decor inside is quite nice. It is clean, modern and updated. The ambiance is also great.
We ordered, for appetizer, one dish of steamed rice pastry with pork meat-stuffing, morels, fresh herbs and fish sauce (banh cuon). As entrees, we picked Egg-noodle soup with shrimp-wantans (mi xui cao thit xa xiu) and Grilled pork with rice noodles, fresh herbs and salad rolled in rice paper (nem nuong cuon), and Fried crispy noodle with seafood (mi xao don). For dessert, we chose Bananas in coconut milk (chuoi chung). All tasted delicious, although the egg noodle in the soup was a little bit overlooked. My wife loved her dish of grilled pork!
The service was great, and the price was also reasonable. We'd recommend Binh Minh and we can't wait to come back again - maybe tomorrow!

Rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1

“Excellent Vietnamese Restaurant in Frankfurt" (2013-04-07)

Recommended to us by Vietnamese friends, this restaurant did not disappoint the expectations.
The menu is easy to read, perhaps difficult to pick the right choice.
We (four people) selected two different soups and four different main courses. All turned out to be very good, and most of them really exotic.
The location is also very good, as it is easily reachable by underground, and it is also in walking distance from the new ECB buildings.

Rating: ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1ta 1